5492 Castle Glen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129

A regular Board meeting was held, February 9, 2005, at the residence of Larry Murchan.
Attendees:  Steve Chell, Trixie Johnson, Bob Fanjoy, Mori Mandis, Larry Murchan, Margi Murchan, Judy Boehm, Siggy Illes, Cheryl Pace, Edie Miyahara and Doris Livezey

Meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by President Steve Chell. Agenda was approved.

  1. Eddie Garcia of Comcast Cable was there to respond to a list of questions/comments taken at the January 25th general meeting.
    1. Construction in the street – workmen will have to physically go in back yards per arrangement with the city for easements. This will happen only to customers who have been notified. Underground construction is proceeding. First they have to dig a deep trench, then insert fiber-optics and cover with asphalt. Two weeks later another crew will come and do the finish work then a city inspection will take place.
    2. Time schedule, when and where repairman will be there work is based on a hub system. Six nodes left to do; with about 6000 homes. They should be completed by the end of next week.
    3. Communication process – to discuss pricing, stations, etc.4 step process
      1. A construction notification letter was sent to current customers.
      2. A voice mail message was left.
      3. Direct mail with a tri-fold brochure.
      4. Delay notice – permitting problems, hand delivered notices re boxes on the street.
    4. New green boxes, which will get them – only current customers who have been notified will be getting them.
    5. Service call policies (why three people before repairman will come out) – They receive about 250,000 calls a month. The reason the require 3 people calling in is to be assured that there is an actual connection problem so they send the proper truck and workmen. An outage to a single home requires different service.
    6. Fiber-optics, is Comcast going to take them down – AT&T removed their leftover materials. There are currently looped wires on top of poles to be used in case an extra length of cable is needed when installing green boxes.
    7. Repairman disconnected outside wires in green box, left uncovered and did not return for three days. There was no connections, was told would have to pay for service repair.
    8. Squirrels chewed lines, Comcast says we not repair for sometime in the future, meanwhile, no cable. Coax cable appeals to squirrels; they are constantly replacing them.
    9. Availability of programs not updated in area – this will be done in about 2-3 weeks.
    10. Does Comcast have the franchise in San Jose – yes they do.
    • For more specifics, individuals should go to the web site ( it will be forwarded to Comcast.
  2. Traffic Committee –Harli and Judy will continue to discuss traffic calming ideas for the area, specifically Castle Glen, Huntingdon, and Wunderlich with the city’s traffic safety department . Regarding the Lynbrook traffic issues: suggestion to meet with the PTSA. to discuss the problems and let them what our safety concerns are. They need to remember that the schools are visitors in our neighborhood.
  3. Grant Proposals- Trixie suggested we need to get started soon to get ideas for San Jose Beautiful and Community Grants. We’d like to form a group at the April General Meeting, who would put together a survey that would be presented at the June picnic and voted on at the July general meeting.
  4. Annual Picnic: Committee member Margi Murchan has decided to hold the “Meet your Neighbor Summer Picnic” on Saturday, June 18. Margi offered to chair the picnic again this year, will assemble a committee of volunteers at the April meeting.
  5. Future General Meetings topics:
    • Trixie to invite Linda LeZotte to April meeting to discuss City budget.
    • To invite Comcast marketing back after installation is complete to discuss future options.
  6. Neighborhood Trees: Doris distributed tree grant applications to homes in the neighborhood that don’t currently have a street tree. We need about 10 or 12 houses to participate to get free trees. Several residents have applied the Bayer product on their Tulip trees that the local Home Depot is sold out.
  7. Murdock Park Issues – Doris will meet with the new park rep, Steve Romer. To discuss abused turf, graffiti on C.AL.L. shed and benches. Bob will check for a C.A.L.L. representative to contact.
  8. Neighborhood Watch - Larry Murchan and Charles Jones will work with Laura from the City of San Jose, Crime Division. Several neighbors wish to participate in a block joint effort.
  9. Hospitality Committee: Cheryl showed samples of items to be given in a very inclusive handout to new residents. She and Edie will give a presentation at the April meeting. Please let Cheryl know of new residents. Doris offered to prepare some envelopes with our logo to hold the brochures.
  10. Treasurer’s Report – we currently have $1104.09.

Meeting adjourned at 10:08 pm

Respectfully submitted by Doris Livezey, corresponding secretary