5492 Castle Glen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129

A regular Board meeting was held, March 9, 2005, at the residence of Doris Livezey.
Attendees:  Steve Chell, Trixie Johnson, Bob Fanjoy, Mori Mandis, Larry Murchan, Siggy Illes, and Doris Livezey.

Meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by President Steve Chell.

  1. Traffic Committee –Harli and Judy will continue to discuss traffic calming ideas for the area, specifically Castle Glen, Huntingdon, and Wunderlich with the city’s traffic safety department. Regarding the Lynbrook traffic issues:  suggestion to meet with the PTSA. Mori will contact Liz Tadsman (PTSA president) to attend meeting with Cheryl.
  2. Request to find a Block Captain Chair to work with block captain committee. Will be responsible for getting new Block representatives to help with distribution of flyers, membership drives and neighborhood watch program.
  3. Web-site has new “house” logo and is on the District 1 website (we are now on Google).
  4. Murdock Park Issues – Doris will meet with the new park rep, Steve Romer. To discuss removal of dead pine tree.
  5. Neighborhood Watch - Larry Murchan and Charles Jones will work with Laura from the City of San Jose, Crime Division. Several neighbors wish to participate in a block joint effort. Larry will be looking into finding parcel maps of the area in order to locate member’s homes.
  6. Grant request and committee to be formed at next general meeting by Trixie Johnson. Committee will come up with ideas to present to general membership in July. Grant writing will begin in the summertime.
  7. General meeting to be held on April 27th at Lynbrook High School. District 1 council-member, Linda LeZotte will be our speaker. Neighborhood Watch update, volunteers for grant program and volunteers for June picnic.
  8. Flyers for April 27th meeting to be distributed second week in April. Newsletter will be posted on web-site.

New Business: First Saturday program developed by Steve Chell

PROGRAM: A Murdock neighborhood "First Saturday" program

DESCRIPTION: The first Saturday of each month April through October will be established as a neighborhood Garage Sale day. Anyone having anything to sell -- from books, clothing and household items to furniture, sporting goods and antiques -- may simply price their items, open the garage door -- and they're in business! No advertising. No unsightly signs to post on telephone poles. No hassle. No cost. Hours to be determined (9-2?). Later, it could be combined with a Dumpster Day. Some families may have one sale all summer....others will be "open for business" on every "First Saturday."


  1. SERVICE TO MEMBERS: Providing all Murdock neighborhood families with a ready-made day to get rid of good quality but unneeded and unwanted goods without the normal hassle associated with planning and holding an independent garage sale.

  2. FELLOWSHIP: "A get-to-know-your neighbor" opportunity, as the MNA board -- through flyers and its website -- will encourage all neighbors to walk the neighborhood to pick up a bargain or two and meet their neighbors. Name tags will be encouraged.

  3. MEMBERSHIP: MNA volunteers will walk the neighborhood soliciting memberships for buyers and sellers who may not yet be MNA members.

  4. FUND-RAISING: Though not required or even requested, sellers will be encouraged to make a donation to the MNA based on their sales for the day. Sort of a "thank you" gift.


  1. Flyers and website notices will introduce the program and provide reminders each month.
  2. Realtor signs will be placed at strategic corners to bring in buyers from outside the neighborhood.
  3. With success may come the desire to advertise this "Neighborhood Multi-Family Garage Sale" in the Mercury-News to draw outsiders. If so, we can put up a refreshment booth at the park to help raise money for other projects.

A potential problem might be competition with the DeAnza Flea Market; if so, we can make if "Second Saturday," which has a catchy sound to it.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm

Respectfully submitted by Mori Mandis, recording secretary