5492 Castle Glen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129

A regular Board meeting was held, April 13, 2005, at the residence of Judy Boehm. Attendees: Judy Boehm, Steve Chell, Trixie Johnson, Bob Fanjoy, Mori Mandis, Larry Murchan, Siggy Illes, Doris Livezey, Edee Miyahara, and Cheryl Pace.

Meeting was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by President Steve Chell.

  1. Traffic Committee –Mori Mandis and Cheryl Pace will meet with the PTSA and Liz Tadman (PTSA president) to discuss concerns of traffic and student crossings at Lynbrook High School. Create “Windows of Opportunity” for crossings and traffic back-up on Johnson Ave.
  2. Trixie to contact Linda LeZotte before meeting to give info on questions from MNA members.
  3. Murdock Park: removal of dead pine tree taken care of by park supervisor, Steve Roemer. Tree planting took place in neighborhood, bulletin board to be placed in park, notice posted regarding TURF use.
  4. Neighborhood Watch - Larry Murchan and purchased parcel maps of the area in order to locate member’s homes. Will recruit captains to start program.
  5. Grant request and committee to be formed at next general meeting by Trixie Johnson. Committee will come up with ideas to present to general membership in July. Grant writing will begin in the summertime.
  6. General meeting to be held on April 27th at Lynbrook High School. District 1 council-member, Linda LeZotte will be our speaker. Neighborhood Watch update, volunteers for grant program and volunteers for June picnic.
  7. Flyers for April 27th meeting to be distributed second week in April. Newsletter will be posted on web-site after general meeting.
  8. Web-site: check it out: HOT NEWS articles, newsletter and Ads. Request of finding banner for meetings.
  9. Treasurers Report: Balance $1,039.09 (-$116.62 for parcel maps to Larry Murchan.)
  10. MNA Picnic June 18th, Margie Murchan will seek volunteers and donations at April general meeting.
  11. Welcoming/Hospitality chairs: Cheryl Pace and Edee Miyahara will contact realtors for information on new residents for distribution of welcome packets.
New Business:
  1. PROGRAM: First Saturday/ADS on web-site program developed and introduced by Steve Chell.
  2. Adopt-A-Trail and Adopt-A-Creek: Bob Fanjoy will complete the paperwork and head-up the adoptions of both the new trail and creek for MNA. Trail not to re-open until October, due to lapsed permit by city of San Jose. Creek will require 2 clean-ups per year.
  3. Suggestion of having the past president is an ex-officio on new board.
  4. Committees: if you are interested in helping on a committee please contact:

    First Saturday/ADS Grant (Beautiful) Committee
    Adopt-A-Trail Traffic Committee
    Adopt-A-Creek Neighborhood Watch
    Adopt-A-Park Picnic Committee
    Dumpster Day Welcome/Hospitality
    Emergency/Preparedness Block Captains

  5. Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m. Next Board meeting on May 11, 2005, residence of Mori Mandis.

Respectfully submitted by Mori Mandis, recording secretary

NOTE: General Meetings to be held on the 4th Wednesday, once per Quarter. 2005 dates: April 27, July 27 (exception for Saturday picnic), and October 26. Board Meetings to be held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday.