5492 Castle Glen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129

A regular Board meeting was held, May 25, 2005, at the residence of Trixie Johnson. Attendees: Judy Boehm, Steve Chell, Trixie Johnson, Mori Mandis, Larry Murchan, Doris Livezey, and Margi Murchan.

Meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by President Steve Chell.

  1. Minutes were read and approved from last board meeting.
  2. Treasurer’ Report: $989.62. Expenses will be approved by the board before dispensing funds.
  3. MNA Picnic June 18th, Margie Murchan will seek volunteers and donations for picnic. Sodas and water provided by Mark Burns & Liz Tadman (Mark Burns Realty), Safeway donation of $20.00 for hot dogs and buns, board to provide: napkins, paper plates, table covers, coolers with ice, cups, briquettes, lighter fluid, name tags and a prizes for the best-attended block. Flyers to be distributed to neighborhood to invite everyone in the area to attend.
  4. A condolence card was sent to the family of Judy Carr, following her recent death.
  5. Murdock Park and Trail updates: (from Doris Livezey and Bob Fanjoy):

    Please note the use of Jumpers in the park, that people must have permits and display them at the time of use. Flyers have been posted to encourage rotating usage on the grass for sporting and games. A request on the possible use of the room at the park may be used by the MNA.

    • Question of how large a group is able to use the Murdock Park? There are no neighborhood protective policies in San Jose. A park is a public area. San Jose pays for the maintenance of its public open spaces for all its residents (which are almost 1,000,000). To not allow others to use the park, except for neighbors and/or residents, would create an isolationist approach, which is counter to the term park. What can work is if neighbors want to bring attention to problems are:

    • petition to San Jose City Council that states the problem and possibly a solution

    • neighbors attending together at a commission or council meeting to voice their concerns

    Trail Project status from the SJ City Public Works website: (They should begin work again on June 1st or 2nd.) By law, no construction work will be allowed around the creek bank area from October 31 to June 1. Therefore, work has been suspended, and will restart in June 2005 and project is scheduled to be completed in the winter of 2005.

    Adopt-a-Trail update: As I mentioned at the April General meeting, Murdock NA was granted the adoption of the Saratoga Creek Trail. At the meeting, 3 people signed up to be Trail Volunteers. We expect more trail volunteers as we get closer to the trail opening.

  6. Beautification Program for the City of San Jose (Grant Committee) will be emailing to members, requesting suggestions for grant. Some current ideas: use monies for printing an “emergency booklet” for each member, CPR teacher, bulletin board at park, Murdock Elementary School art project installed at Murdock Park (4 cement “hand-prints” boards).

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. Next Board meeting on June 15, 2005, residence of Doris Livezey.
Respectfully submitted by Mori Mandis, recording secretary

NOTE: General Meetings to be held on the 4th Wednesday, once per Quarter. 2005 dates: April 27, July 27 (exception for Saturday picnic), and October 26. Board Meetings to be held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday.