5492 Castle Glen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129

A regular Board meeting was held, June 15, 2005, at the residence of Bob Fanjoy.
Attendees: Judy Boehm, Trixie Johnson, Mori Mandis, Margie Murchan, Larry Murchan, Siggy Illes and Doris Livezey.

Meeting was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by 1st Vice President Bob Fanjoy.

Old Business

  1. Minutes were read and approved from last board meeting.
  2. Treasurer’ Report: $982.87. Stationery costs of $6.80 were approved. (Check printing being appealed of $16.75). Request from secretary for flyer paper for next meeting in July. Doris will obtain paper.
  3. MNA Picnic June 18th, Margie Murchan has received donations for picnic. Sodas and water provided by Mark Burns & Liz Tadman (Mark Burns Realty), Safeway donation of $40.00 for hot dogs and buns, Smart & Final gift certificate, board to provide: napkins, paper plates, table covers, coolers with ice, cups, briquettes, lighter fluid, condiments, name tags and a prizes for the best-attended by block. Flyers to be distributed to neighborhood to invite everyone in the area to attend. Sign-in sheets and photos to be taken for web-site.
  4. Concern neighbors reports of Murdock-Portal Elementary School usage of Murdock Park during school hours. Blocking sections off to public possibly because of over-watering in school grass area? Lots of trash from lunchtime blowing on to park grass. MNA will check with the principal Leslie Mains regarding the concerns and comments.
  5. Traffic Committee: Murray Hartman has offered to assist as co-chair with Judy Boehm.

New Business

  1. Nominating Committee sought for October elections of new board members. The Chairman of the committee will be Larry Murchan (Sergeant of Arms). If interested in participating on the board or a committee for next year please contact:
  2. If there are any by-law changes to be made, please bring to October General Meeting. (Will need a proper notice on web-site and in the newsletter/flyer before meeting).

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m. Next Board meeting on July 13, 2005, residence of Mori Mandis.
Respectfully submitted by Mori Mandis, recording secretary

NOTE: General Meetings to be held on the 4th Wednesday, once per Quarter. 2005 dates: July 27 (exception for Saturday picnic), and October 26. Board Meetings to be held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday.