5492 Castle Glen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129

A regular Board meeting was held, August 10, 2004, at the home of Larry & Margie Murchan.

Attendees: Steve Chell, Trixie Johnson, Bob Fanjoy, Larry Murchan, Judy Boehm, Siggy Illes and Doris Livezey. Mori Mandis was excused.

Meeting was called to order at 7:47 by President Steve Chell. Proposed agenda was approved. M/S/P to approve 8/1/05 Planning Meeting Minutes and 8/2/05 General Meeting Minutes.

[We need to follow-up on the prize for the street with the highest attendance at the picnic].

  1. National Night Out recap. Nice event for the first one. Target Stores is a national sponsor of the program (contact them next year). Next year we could use as a rally for Neighborhood Watch Groups. Public Safety Night. Focus on Safety & Security. Invite Fire Department, take photos with fire truck,. Fire prevention, how to fireproof. Maybe hotdogs (flyer good for 2), movie, awards? Turn porch light on at 8:30. Step outside and wave to neighbors. Suggestion that we borrow or rent a mike. Dry ice for ice cream.
  2. Treasurer’s report: $40.51 expenditure for ice, ice cream & charcoal. M/S/P to pay.
  3. Nominating Committee: need more help. We should have new people. Several names were suggested. Judy will get an updated list of members to Larry.
  4. Neighborhood Watch – need to get the first meeting going – from Castle Glen to OakKnoll and down Wunderlich to Ora – “park surround” group. Bob Fanjoy to schedule a planning meeting with Steve and Trixie, to prepare for NW night in late September. To schedule a meeting we will need 10 people. Do we want signs announcing it in the neighborhood? Since we are a low-crime area, better to keep it low key. We ran out of Neighborhood Watch flyers.
  5. Murdock-Portal School opens 8/11. Test scores show Murdock-Portal #3 in the state.
  6. Dumpster Day —Waiting for flyers.
  7. Emergency Preparedness – Tom and Mary Carson met Maria Le of Linda LeZotte’s office. Expect a presentation at the January meeting.
  8. Website. The accomplishments report from Steve will go on as president’s message. Article on West Nile virus, the seriousness and a phone number to call. Someone reported there is standing water on the school field – they may be over-watering (by the shed and back fence by play area. Add the date of street sweeping: 2nd Tuesday
  9. Newsletter – Needs to go to president for authorization before being printed, or to the VP in his absence. We will repeat the accomplishments of the year in the next flyer to be handed out to homes. Discussion of code enforcement flyer – is it Big Brother? Perhaps invite Code Enforcement to a future meeting. Remind people to report code violations themselves and not look to MNA to do it for them. We should provide resources and reminders of what is a code infraction.
  10. As a courtesy, past president should be invited to be a non-voting board member. Future boards could adopt this practice, if appropriate. That keeps voting to an uneven number but retains the tribal memory. This was preferred to changing the By-Laws and formalizing the position of past president.
    1. Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) Grant – low on time, usually goes to low socio-economic profile neighborhoods. Decided not to go for it. Need to check with Mori about possibility of translation service for newsletter. What languages? Would be nice to have parts of it in Mandarin. Hope to have a multi-cultural picnic (Robinsons [Murchans’ friends] have a dance floor we might borrow).
    2. San Jose Beautiful Grant – Children’s tiles suggestion: need to find a way to mount the tiles. What kind of structure? Who do we work with? Low-maintenance planting around the park sign suggested. Entry signs into the neighborhood. Where could they go? August 31, 6:30- 8:30 grant meeting at Neighborhood Development Center. Trixie will call grant committee members to encourage registration; will alert Board members as well. Someone should attend to represent MNA.
    3. Speed signs – Trixie will contact Zahir Galzadah in Transportation Dept. for information about pricing and permission. This might be a grant project for SVCF. Focus now on small, attached-to-centerpost signs that we might be able to purchase and have installed in our neighborhood instead of having the larger mobile units trailered in and out of the neighborhood.
New Business
  1. West Nile virus doorknob hangers have been ordered. Steve to notify us when they arrive. Block captains to distribute like flyers.
  2. Discussion regarding contacting Neighborhood Services about changing the designation from Lynbrook to Murdock. Trixie will contract LeZotte office about the potential and process.
  3. Next General Meeting will be October 26 meeting at Murdock-Portal. Leslie Mains & Jeremy Nishihara (?)to speak, plus a tour of the school.
  4. Bob noticed that some teachers are using the park for 3 days for PE classes, all over the entire park and turning away neighborhood people. Cones are up. They are prohibiting public use. 2 or 3 days a week from 9 – 12. about 100 kids. In the evening, soccer teams are there 3 nights a week from 6-8 pm. Both kids’ teams and organized adults. The sports field behind the school is not being used. Bob has contacted Todd Capurso of the Parks Dept. and was told that our park is not designed for sports purposes and that groups need a permit. Bob will contact Andre Morro from the City Wide Sports group and tell them how to reserve a city sports field.
  5. Discussion about Linda LeZotte saying she would like to see an opening at Doyle for entrance to the new trail. There has been one accident near the trail. We would not like the danger. Trixie will talk with Linda about the idea, since board members present did not want this new access to the park. Also, a resident complained his dog was injured by a couple of dogs off-leash. We need to let people know there is a dog park directly across Lawrence at Saratoga Creek Park. Bob mentioned the Calabasas BMX bike course will reopen soon.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Doris Livezey, Corresponding Secretary