5492 Castle Glen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129

A regular Board meeting was held, September 14, 2005, at the home of Steve Chell.

Attendees: Steve Chell, Trixie Johnson, Bob Fanjoy, Larry Murchan, Judy Boehm, Siggy Illes, Doris Livezey and Mori Mandis. Meeting called to order at 7:45 pm by President Steve Chell.


  1. West Nile virus information has arrived and will be distributed with the newsletter before the general meeting.
  2. Treasurer's report: $1,222.31
  3. Nominating Committee: Chairman Larry Murchan, Bob Rolufs, Charles Jones, Michael Shina, Tom Carson and Edee Miyahara met on September 7th and will have a slate of officer's by September 28th. The ballot will be distributed to paying members by email and also distributed in the newsletter flyer before the October 26th General Meeting. Members will be able to vote on October 26, at the general meeting. Nominations from the floor will also be taken at meeting. Chairman Larry Murchan will contact current board members to see if they wish to continue to serve as a board member in 2006.
  4. Dumpster Day: scheduled for September 24th —residents should have received their orange flyers in the mail.
  5. Newsletter: will be distributed before the next General Meeting and will contain president's letter, meeting notice, slate of nominees and general information.
  6. San Jose Beautiful Grant: Trixie Johnson has put the grant process on hold, until the association finds a suitable project. (A low-maintenance planting at Murdock Park was suggested at the entrance on Castle Glen across from Regency Drive).
  7. Traffic Committee: to have a meeting at Judy Boehm's house on September 21. Topics of a speed sign, and San Jose City Police to patrol during the heavy traffic times. (Too many drivers speeding on Huntingdon and Castle Glen, need to be reminded of the speed limit


  1. Prizes to be given to the 10 families on Huntingdon Drive, for "Most attended street" at the Murdock Picnic in June.
  2. Board considering adding a Youth Committee to spur on enthusiasm from our younger generation.
  3. MNA meeting signs: Larry Murchan offered to have permanent meeting signs made for general meetings.
  4. Contact made by Mori Mandis to new neighborhood association formed by English Drive Association. Will invite them to next general meeting. They are interested in participating with trail and traffic problems at Lynbrook High School.

Meeting adjourned at 9:47p.m. Next Board meeting on October 12, 2005, residence of Judy Boehm.

Respectfully submitted by Mori Mandis, recording secretary

NOTE: General Meetings to be held on the 4th Wednesday, once per Quarter. 2005 dates: October 26. Board Meetings to be held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday.