Murdock Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

January 11, 2006

The meeting was held at the home of David Gomez. The meeting called to order by President Fanjoy at 7:45 p.m.

Present: All Board members were present – Fanjoy, Murchan, Jones, Johnson, Livezey, Hsieh, and Gomez. Also present: Past-President Steve Chell

The minutes of December 14 were reviewed and approved with the addition of place and guest attending (James Hsieh). Approved minutes will be sent to Siggy for posting on the Website.

Doris reported receipt of a letter from Michelle Carr Crowe thanking her for the note sent on behalf of MNA when her mother, Judy Carr, passed away. She pledged to continue supporting MNA.

Treasurer’s Report:

Old Business:

Traffic Committee Chair Judy Boehm, President Bob Fanjoy, and member Doug Johnson met with Principal Mains at Murdock-Portal School on December 15, 2005. Also present were representatives from the City of San José Transportation Department and Cupertino Union School District.

Emergency Preparedness will be the topic for the April 26 General Meeting.

New (and continuing) Business:

January 25 General Meeting:

President Fanjoy presented a checklist of topics to be covered in planning for the meeting, which will be devoted to a Forum for SJ Mayoral Candidates.


Neighborhood Watch:

Youth Committee:

Lot line issue was discussed.

Board Meeting Locations:

Based on a sign up sheet, the following schedule is set:

February 8 Trixie
March 8 Jenny
April 12 (still available)
May 10 Charles
June 14 Doris
July 12 (still available)
August 9 David
September 13 (still available)
October 11 (still available)

Thanks to prior hosts: Bob (November), Larry (December), and David (January).

The meeting adjourned at 9:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Trixie Johnson, Secretary