Minutes for Board Meeting February 20, 2008

Host: Doris Livezey, MNA President

The Meeting was called to order at 7:40 P.M. Present: Kathy Herington Treasurer, Doris Livezey President, Scott Blake 2nd V.P., new board member, Sigi Illes, Webmaster. All Committee Chairs were invited; David Gomez, Summer Entertainment Chair was in attendance. Excused: Mori Mandis, Harish Chinai. Larry Murchan and Chappie Jones could not come.

The General Meeting April 23 was briefly discussed. The speaker has not been secured for certain. Topic discussed was “Emergency Preparedness.” Doris has been in touch with Meghan about obtaining Ken Foot as a speaker. It was decided that a vendor could bring kits for sale, but that the speaker should be different from the vendor.

Bob Fanjoy will not be attending the leadership meetings; Scott Blake will go in his place. Doris will give Scott the dates of the CLA meetings and forward the neighborhood E-blast to him, so that Scott can become more familiar with the association efforts and interface with the City of San Jose.

Scott will assist with taking minutes. He also will assist in getting the newsletter printed and distributed.

We need to determine the date when records of in-kind hours and contributions start. (Mori).

A new city commission to deal with concerns common to all of the neighborhoods has been approved by the City Council. There will be three representatives from District 1 and the openings will be advertised in the Mercury News and local papers.

Sigi reported she has received Gabe’s large file of old MNA meeting minutes, which she will place on the MNA website. Sigi will work on other website pages that can be updated also with new committee chairs etc.

Sigi presented a copy of the original website set-up email from OLM. The board members present approved past payment/reimbursement to Sigi for her own monies she used, based on this information, which shows the prices etc. The monthly fee of $5.95 has not changed since 2004, and Sigi thinks it is a good deal and we will keep the set-up the way it is. The other domain fee of around $19.00 is to be paid in June for proxy/registration.

Sigi explained how the Contact Us form on the website works with the three different choices for the user. The old address of MNAInformation, which goes to Doris now has had too much spam and is open to hacker types. The decision was to keep two Contact Us options: the Webmaster, and the Postmaster, eliminating the President choice. Also Sigi will create a new email address, which functions behind the page and collects all contacts. Scott Blake will check periodically for any contacts, and forward them to the appropriate board member or committee chair.

January and February Treasurer’s reports were approved as done, now with dates of expenses. Kathy introduced a “check request” form to be implemented for MNA. It was suggested that this be on the website as a PDF file available to download. This form was recommended at the recent class offered by the UNSCC. Anyone needing reimbursement for purchases will need to complete this form. Anyone who has received donations will need to complete something written in order to have a paper trail for MNA. Kathy will do a summary of the class for next meeting. There are 62 paid MNA members.

Cap Grants: David Gomez, updated everyone on “Movie in the Park” progress (Summer Entertainment Chair) He received the twenty-nine page CAP grant application from Kathy. Mori dropped off some forms to Doris earlier in the day to be passed on to Harish. Doris will also read the information, in order to place the forms in context. It was mentioned event insurance and Hold Harmless forms may need to be obtained. Power is available from the Fanjoy’s home. There are a couple of screen options. The thought was there would be no admission fee, but popcorn could be sold for MNA revenue. The application deadline is April 4, 2008.

David reported on what equipment he has researched pricing options for, which include either a new projector and bulb, or a used equipment. No decision was made on this. The companies that produce the entire event seem to be too expensive, and the general feeling was the neighborhood could do the project themselves. If any board member sees a good price online for a projector with at least 2000 light lumens, they can contact David. David has offered to help with anything written in order to obtain the grant. Doris will send out an email to elicit member input, which is required for the grant.

Dumpster Day for current members only as another grant option was considered. Insurance is also needed for this event separate from meeting insurance.

An update on the Traffic effort was shared by Kathy. The report by the Safety Patrol officer was given to Julie, M-P Principal, during the meeting Jan.23rd. Julie agreed to participate in the program called “Street Smarts”, which was recommended by the City of San Jose DOT. Julie also agreed to remove/reword the parent instruction flyer entry about crossing the street. This may cut down on the dangerous jaywalking. The Ora intersection crossing guard is way down the city’s priority list. The phone number for the police Captain Calderon of the Western Dist. was given to Julie by Pete Constant’s assistant, Meghan. Veronica Kortright of the DOT emailed the 25 MPH speed limit sign at the intersection of Johnson and Castle Glen will be relocated per MNA’s request for better visibility.

Meeting adjourned at 9:16 pm. Next meeting will be March 19th at Kathy’s.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Herington, acting secretary