Murdock Neighborhood AssociationMeeting Minutes,
April 16, 2008 – at Scott Blake’s

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm and attended by Doris Livezey, Kathy Herington, and Scott Blake. David also met us later to discuss movie night.

Add “membership” form to quarterly newsletter, something small at the bottom so a perspective member could fill it out and hand it in at the quarterly meetings.

Possible newsletter topics


Doris sent info to realtors for inclusion in their flyers regarding the dates and times for the MNA quarterly meeting. She received no responses from Carr, Alvin, or Mark Burns.


– approved as written.

Treasurers Report

Expenses for web domains fee     $108.25
Printing (Mori)     17.49

Balance as of April     16 2261.30


Scott is looking into using the web space offered by Pete Constant’s office by communicating with staff members in that office. We are not looking to necessarily replace the existing website, but are looking at our options to ease the burden of the webmaster and update the site.


Nothing new to report


Doris contacted David Arroyo (from the SJParks department) and learned that an irrigation problem is responsible for the dead/brown grass at the park. Mr. Arroyo could not give a timeline on when the Parks Department would be able to investigate and repair the damage.

Old Business

Cap Grants

Mori has submitted the CAP-grant paperwork for the next cycle (2008/2009). The MNA board would like to look into having a ‘shadow’ person with respect to the CAP grant process so at least 2 people are familiar with the process in case one of them is not available or no longer wishes to continue with this project. We are currently waiting on a response from the CAP Grant foundation. Kathy will call to check on the timeline.

Tracking Board Hours

Start keeping track of board hours on July 1 (officially, but we should probably get in the habit of keeping track now).


afeway is out of donation funds (for the association) in this cycle. We should try again in June. Doris received a 50% discount at Kinko’s with a letter that was on our MNA letterhead. We need to find out when a house sells – Doris will check with realtors.


Large Banners - David’s cousin owns a sign shop and will ask about signs or banners announcing meetings and their respective pricing. There is also the possibility of getting large stickers that we can place over signs we already have (like campaign signs or real estate signs). We would also like to find some neighbors that live on different corners to see if we can put signs in their yards announcing our meetings.

***Addition*** we should probably look to get some small “A frame” signs to use on meeting nights around Lynbrook High School instead of the 8.5 x 11 sheets.

New Business

Newsletter procedure

We need to put together a newsletter procedure that includes approval, copying, and distribution to allow that process to be rotated throughout the board members and volunteers.

Ask Pete Constant about using electricity at the Park.

Can we put together a process for securing a permit to use Murdock Park for a group event (David?)

Some problems were brought up with respect to Lynbrook students parking on Lynbrook way and parents dropping off students in the morning causing congestion for the residents in that area.

Quarterly Meeting

(brief Agenda for April 23 Quarterly meeting)
7:00 - 7:15
Social 7:15 - 7:25
Neighborhood info/By-law Change 7:25 - 7:45
Pete Constant 7:45 - 8:45
Ken Foote 8:45 - 9:00 Q & A

Perhaps we could get somebody from Parks to talk at a meeting about permits and park utilization.

Early help for set-up
Scott will arrive for general help at 6:45
Kathy will help with sign in, and Scott will help if we use 2 sign-in desks.

Proposed By-Law Change (change to Roberts Rules of Order)

Grant Classes – Kathy – What/When do these need to be taken. What about the report writing class?

Banners will be set out a day early by Harish.

Refreshments (Doris) and water from Mark Burns (realtor).

We should try to brainstorm ideas to increase membership.
Local business discounts?

Let’s try to get “County Vector Control” out before Movie Night to discuss pests—mosquitoes/rats.

We should get a flyer together for Movie Night / National Night Out.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.

Submitted by Scott Blake,
2nd Vice President.