The General meeting was held, September 22, 2004, at Lynbrook High School cafeteria.

Board members in attendance: Steve Chell, Trixie Johnson, Bob Fanjoy, Larry Murchan, Judy Boehm, Doris Livezey and Mori Mandis.

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Steve Chell (after the “Coffee get to know each other” refreshments before the meeting).
  2. Welcome address from Steve to general membership, thank you to: Loraine Daugherty for her generous contribution to the association. Siggy Illes for getting the web-site up and running and to Larry and Margie Murchan for chairing the first Murdock Neighborhood Association picnic in July 3, 2004. There were 125 attendees.

  3. Introductions of the newly elected board members (mentioned above) for the one year term and recent chairman’s: Judy Boehm and Harli Rabow to co-chair/Traffic, Siggy Illes, chair/Web-site, Doris Livezey, chair/Murdock Park, Cheryl Pace and Edee Miyahara to co-chair/Murdock Welcome Wagon.
    1. Currently looking for individuals to help with committees or chair contact:
    2. Doris is looking for volunteers to help with planting of Daffodil bulbs on October 16 or November 6. Contact Doris at 255-0605 to sign up and for more information on Help Beautify Murdock Park.
      1. If you have concerns regarding street trees (Save the Trees) contact her.
      2. Working on getting a sand volleyball court in dirt area.
    3. 1,000 Flyers for General Meeting were delivered by the Block Captains. If you wish to help with delivery please contact:
    4. Thank you to several realtors in the area for getting out the information re: MNA
    5. Thank you to Edee Miyahara, Cheryl Pace, Michael Mandis and Judy Boehm who helped with the sign-up tables for memberships. (Data base with membership information never to be given out).
    6. By-laws Review: The final draft of the by-laws was submitted at the general meeting for approval. Copies were available at the meeting and a quick review was given by Trixie Johnson. The by-laws were developed by several sources recommended by the Neighborhood Development Center. A motion was made and seconded to approve the by-laws. The by-laws were accepted by the membership.
      1. Trixie spoke of the importance of voting on Measure S for the San Jose library parcel tax. Lawn signs are available at her home, 5492 Castle Glen Avenue.
    7. Traffic Committee report given by Judy Boehm. The committee has met twice with the Murdock-Portal Elementary, City of San Jose Traffic, Transportation and School Safety Departments, CUSD School Safety and School Site Council parents.
      1. School to add new signage with directions for in and out of driveways, loading and unloading of students in driveway and street areas. Main concern from all parties is the safety issue and helping with the traffic congestion on Wunderlich Drive.
        1. Suggestions for traffic congestion: school staggering
        2. Check with Street Smart Safety Program
        3. Speeders after school meetings
        4. Park & Ride lots for car-pooling
        5. Emergency issues during traffic congestion
        6. Check on public address system, (extremely loud)
        7. Trash coming from school into park, need more supervision
      2. Other traffic issues were brought up for later discussion:
        1. Lynbrook High School crossing of students, illegal U-turns, and speed.
        2. Murdock Park parking: illegal parking on curbs causing dangerous blocking of vision coming around corners and parking in handicap areas at the park.
        3. Speeding on Castle Glen Drive and Wunderlich Drive
        4. City of San Jose to look into possibility of painting curbs at Regency Drive, Oak Knoll Drive and Castle Manor Drive at park entrance
        5. Having the San Jose Police to come to enforce traffic


      Murdock Neighborhood Association Proposed Budget was presented by Larry Murchan.
      Income Donation $200.00
        Membership fees
      (5% of 800 homes @ $10.00)   
      Expenses     Picnic (July 04) $100.00
        Non-resident mailing $  37.00
        Bank set-up fees $  30.00
        Web-site $109.00
        Paper (flyers) $  52.00
        Picnic (July 05) $  75.00
        TOTAL $403.00

      The budget was presented for submission and approved by the membership. A family membership card was issued with each purchase of membership.

    9. Bob Fanjoy is currently looking for individuals to help with committees or chair contact: email:
      1. Volunteer sign-up sheets were passed around to encourage participation.
      2. Need a membership group (Task Force) to do brainstorming

  4. Introduction of Speaker: Yves Zsutty from the City of San Jose’s Park & Trail Master Planning Group
    Mr. Zsutty manages and leads the development of the City’s trail network, which will ultimately be 100 miles in length. He is the City’s first trail program manager, and has focused his efforts on project and program development, while partnering with Santa Clara Valley Water District, County of Santa Clara, and other stakeholder agencies to facilitate trail development.
    1. To contact Yves Zsutty: telephone: 408-794-1302 or email:
    2. Suggestions and concerns from members:
      1. Yes, there is a separate budget for the trail and Murdock Park
      2. Dogs have to be on leashes and under control by owners
      3. No funds for relocating homeless people living near the trail
      4. The gate at Bollinger and Lawrence Expressway has to be opened at all times for emergency reasons
      5. Hours of operations: Sunrise until Sunset
      6. No lights on pathways, because of environmental conditions
      7. No benches available, not wide enough
      8. Some paths to be concrete for bicycles and runners
      9. What happen to the environment regulations about the Killdare birds living on the grounds at Murdock-Portal Elementary, several nests and baby birds were destroyed in the plantings
      10. Some trees have been cut down, but more will be replanted with more plants added
      11. Concern about the chain link fence on expressway and walking trail

  5. New Business
    1. Members sharing information in neighborhood
      1. Resident on Kimberly Drive having a problem getting out of drive-way in the morning because of all the traffic back-up from Murdock-Portal Elementary. The traffic committee has suggested to the principal, other possible ways out of area to alleviate traffic congestion.
      2. Gardeners leaving waste on corners at neighbor’s homes (illegal dumping). Suggestion to take down license number and report to Code Enforcement Dept.
      3. Where is the Murdock-Portal Elementary school sign.
      4. nquiry regarding the “Graves property” on Oak Knoll Drive. Did the new purchasers have a permit to divide the property into two homes. Contacting the City of San Jose Planning Dept., the permits have been issued, property zoned for two residents. Plans and permits may be viewed on line at the department of permits on the second floor (Rm. 200) at City Hall, downtown San Jose.
    2. Next general meeting is on October 27, Wednesday, Lynbrook High School cafeteria
      1. Guest speakers regarding the school district’s Parcel Tax:
        Fremont Union High School District
        Cupertino Union School District

    NOTE: General Meetings to be held on the 4th Wednesday, once per Quarter. 2005 dates: January 26, April 27, July 23 (exception for Saturday picnic), and October 26. Board Meetings to be held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday.
  6. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. Next Board meeting on October 13, 2005, residence TBA.

Respectfully submitted,

Mori Mandis, Recording Secretary