5492 Castle Glen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129

A general meeting was held on January 26, at Lynbrook High School.
Board members:  Bob Fanjoy, Larry Murchan, Trixie Johnson, Doris Livezey, Steve Chell, Judy Boehm, and Mori Mandis.

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:34 p.m. by President Steve Chell. Introduction of board members, chairman and welcoming to new members. Thank you’s to Block Captains for distribution of flyers and Judy Carr for lending of “signs” to display MNA meeting notices.
  2. Guest Speakers:
    1. Kim Gaddis from the San Jose Police Department – Crime Prevention Division (408-277-4133) was introduced by Larry Murchan. Larry Murchan and Charles Jones will both chair the Neighborhood Watch Program. Those who are interested may contact: to participate. Kim Gaddis was filling in for Laura Hernandez from the Crime Prevention Division. She explained that this program was the “bread & butter” program in the city. The goals of the program should be to keep the area safe before there is a problem. We will learn what to do to keep it a safer place and meet with your new neighbors on your block. Each block will meet separately and exchange information, get to know who your neighbors are, in case of an emergency disaster or a crime prevention situation.
    2. Crime Prevention: Block party
      1. Invitations are available to invite the block residents
      2. Smaller groups work better
      3. Only a 2 hour meeting is involved
      4. learn about, locks, lighting, landscapes, and statistics
      5. Meet San Jose Police Department “beat officer”
      6. Neighborhood Watch signs will be available if 70% of your block attends and participates in program
      7. Do not have to share personal information, have a chance to know who belongs on your block and in the area
      8. To participate please
    3. Eddie Garcia, Comcast Representative was not able to attend meeting due to bad weather conditions in Boston. Will attend board meeting to address comments and concerns brought up at general meeting. Information to questions will be placed on the website: after February 9th board meeting. (Just of few of the concerns mentioned)
      1. Construction in the street
      2. Time schedule, when and where repairman will be there
      3. Clarification of new channels
      4. Ordering new digital, broadband, special packages
      5. New green boxes, who will get them
      6. Service call policies (why three people before repairman will come out)
      7. Bill charges (itemized)
      8. No communications to neighborhood residences
      9. Improve communications
      10. Fiber-optics, is Comcast going to take them down
      11. Repairman disconnected outside wires in green box, left uncovered and did not return for three days. There was no connections, was told would have to pay for service repair
      12. Squirrels chewed lines, Comcast says we not repair for sometime in the future, meanwhile, no cable
      13. Availability of programs not updated in area
      14. Does Comcast have the franchise in San Jose
      15. 30% of neighborhood has gone to Direct TV
      16. Wunderlich & Ora - Last two houses have not been fixed, but new increases in fees
      17. Westside of Oaktree shares with Huntingdon and disconnects B side
    4. Tulip Tree Program: Bob Fanjoy spoke about the Tulip tree problem. Attached are articles sent in the newsletter and updates. We can get a neighborhood group discount with Pied Piper Exterminators if approximately 50 people participate. Normally, the cost is about $180 for a one-time treatment. Our neighborhood cost will be about $90 per tree, based on a 2-foot diameter tree. This is a treatment for scale organisms that cause the sap dripping. They recommend that the treatment be done by the end of February. They inject the tree around the circumference of the trunk about 10 inches from the ground. It only takes about 10 minutes per tree. If people are interested in participating, they should contact the MNA (email, phone, or mail) or check the MNA website for further information. Bob Fanjoy, 1st Vice President
    5. Comment from Steve Allen ( MNA member) on Tulip Trees:
      In January of 2003 there was an article in the SJ Mercury News regarding treating the trees for the bugs that create the sticky mess by Bob Chapman in which he recommended treating the trees in the early spring before the buds swell - NOW _ with Bayer Tree and Shrub Insect Control - a systemic insecticide. He said to mix the insecticide with water and pour over the soil under the tree. This needs repeating annually. I tried it that year and the usual mess was completely gone! The only tree on our street (Oak Knoll) without the dark sticky circle under it! Windshields were perfectly clean! Last year our tree had grown lots more and I used just one bottle in spite of it saying if the trunk is over 36" around to use more - and there was just a tiny bit of sticky - so this year I'm using two. This product is available at Home Depot for $9.98 per bottle.
    6. Doris Livezey spoke for Our City Forest as a representative for MNA. (Contact Our City Forest: 998-7337 or Doris at 255-0605.
      Trees save energy; they cool hot cities; they are good for our health, they make our cities beautiful, they increase our property values, they help reduce effects of carbon dioxide emissions, they conserve water and reduce soil erosion, they help wildlife and plants, they have social and educational value. The City of San Jose has stated that each home shall have a street tree.
      For residents in the Murdock Neighborhood Association, representatives from Our City Forest will be offering a tree planting this spring to replace parking strip trees that have died or otherwise been removed. We will not be removing any trees. The date will be determined when we know how many homes will be participating. We can obtain free trees. People will need to fill out an application and agree to sponsor the tree that they receive, which means watering, pruning, staking and other general maintenance. They also will be asked to participate with the planting.
      A special “Thank You” to Doris and her crew for the planting of Daffodils at Murdock Park!
    7. Residents should check with the City of San Jose “Sidewalk repair program”. Do it early when the budget is decided in July, 2005. City of San Jose Information Desk: 408-277-4000. If you should ever need assistance in finding the right department of person, they will assist you in every possible way.
  3. Old Business
    1. Traffic Committee Update: Original Traffic Committee to convene in January. Judy Boehm and Harli Rabow to conducted the meeting before the general meeting in January. Members discussed and identified specifics traffic concerns for the neighborhood.
      1. Murdock-Portal Elementary School is showing much improvement with placement of new “Passenger Loading Only”.
      2. Painting curbs in red on Wunderlich, CastleGlen, Regency and Oak Knoll streets near park have improved parking and obstacle problems at Murdock Park.
      3. Crosswalks painted at corners of Wunderlich and Ora
      4. Concerns with speeding especially on Huntingdon and CastleGlen
      5. Will be working to help with the traffic and student problems at Lynbrook High School
      6. Will work with schools on Bicycle Safety Programs
      7. Suggested to attend PTA meeting to get support from school and parents
      8. Contact of Traffic Safety to check on traffic calming solutions
      9. San Jose Police to be scheduled to enforce speed in neighborhood
      10. Need to contact City of San Jose to paint additional “wheelchair access” on CastleGlen
    2. Open Forum:  Suggested topics of interest
      1. Emergency Preparedness
      2. Pot holes on Wunderlich left by large construction trucks during school renovation
      3. Where is the Murdock-Portal Elementary School sign? Wish to have a dedication
    NOTE:  General Meetings to be held on the 4th Wednesday, Quarterly. Year 2005 dates: April 27, July 23 (exception for Saturday picnic), and October 26. Board Meetings to be held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday.
  4. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m. Next Board meeting on February 9th, residence of Larry Marchan at 7:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mori Mandis, Recording Secretary