January 25, 2006 – General Meeting – Mayoral Forum

Officers in attendance: Bob Fanjoy, Larry Murchan, Charles Jones, Jenny Hsieh, David Gomez, Doris Livezey. Trixie Johnson was excused. Webmaster, Siggy Illes was also present.

Close to 175 people were in attendance at the meeting set theater fashion facing the speaker tables at the back. David Gomez rented 5 microphones and Lynbrook loaned their large speakers. He kept time with signs for the candidate. Jenny Hsieh signed in new and renewed members; Larry assisted the ladies from the League of Women Voters with the questions.

After a social mixer, the subject meeting was opened at 7:30 pm with a welcome by President Bob Fanjoy in the Lynbrook Cafeteria. A brief business meeting was conducted. The audience was invited to renew or join the association. The Neighborhood Watch program was introduced mentioning several break-ins in the neighborhood, even Murdock-Portal Elementary School. Larry Murchan & Mori Mandis have offered assistance. Informational materials were on the back table. April General Meeting will be held the last Wednesday of April when Emergency Preparedness will be the topic. There will be a special May meeting for District 1 Council Member Candidates. Tulip Tree sap control information was on the back table; it has been very effective. Traffic Problems were mentioned – with 500 students at Murdock-Portal, it is to be expected there will be some problems. Judy Boehm, chair of the traffic committee, and others met with Murdock-Portal Elementary School on January 15, 2005. Their minutes are on the Website. Thank you to Judy for arranging the Lynbrook meeting facilities for the Mayoral Forum.

We need Block Captains – people were asked to leave their name if willing to help. We also would like email addresses so people can receive the information right away.

Thanks you’s were offered to Judy Boehm, Steve Chell, Michael Hsieh, all the Murdock Neighborhood Board members, and many others who put the evening together.

The meeting was turned over to Steve Chell, past president of Murdock Neighborhood Association and a former president of The Cupertino Union School District Board of Education. Steve introduced mayoral candidates Dave Cortese, J. Manuel Herrera and Chuck Reed. They were each asked to give a 3 minute opening statement. Cindy Chavez was expected to be late due to a conflict. Questions were screened by members of the League of Women Voters.

Each candidate was given 1 minute to respond to the questions that were asked, (listed at the end of the minutes). When candidate Cindy Chavez arrived at about 8:05, she answered the current question and then gave her 3 minute opening. Closing comments of 3 minutes each were offered at 9:10 and the meeting was adjourned.

Compliments were received from members, visitors and the candidates.

NBC Channel 11 News cameraman and reporter arrived at 6:30 and stayed until about 9:00. A report was on the 11:00 news. Charles Jones, Carol Palmer and Michael Hsieh of the MNA were interviewed on camera. NBC had an online report and the San Jose Mercury News had an article the following day. Both are attached for the record.

Respectfully submitted by Doris Livezey, Corresponding Secretary, in Trixie’s absence

Questions submitted to all candidates: (4 people checked the box that they are association members).
  1. If elected Mayor, will you commit to senior transportation and not use a budget shortfall as an excuse. Commit to partnering and collaboration with other City and County officials to create a transportation system for unimpaired elderly?
  2. Trees are disappearing from our parking strips and many developers strip trees from large parcels of land. The current fines are minor. What do you feel the City policy should be regarding illegal tree removal for both developers and residents?
  3. Are you in favor of developing Coyote Valley at this time? If so, how will services to the rest of the city be maintained?
  4. If elected how will you improve the quality of life for San Jose’s ¼ million teen population and in what capacity will you utilize the San Jose Youth Commission and Youth Advisory Councils in order to do so?
  5. We have lost the downtown hospital. The most economically disadvantaged population has no nearby hospital. In addition, if a major earthquake hits, the City will have a shortage of hospital beds. What can the City do to address this problem?
  6. How does the City justify spending $4 million on the Grand Prix when there are numerous problems (like potholes and litter in neighborhoods).
  7. We voted to bring Bart to San Jose, but the project has gone amok. As planned, it won’t serve 90% of San Jose’s people (much less the County). It won’t even get East Siders to jobs in the Golden Triangle and it gobbles up 80% of Measure A money for 30 years. What will you do to bring some sense to transportation (besides asking for another tax)?
  8. San Jose is the 10th largest city in the nation yet we are lacking serious cultural institutions. What will you do to make San Jose a cultural destination like San Francisco?
  9. If elected, what action will you take personally to demonstrate and champion unassailable integrity in City government?
  10. Please comment on the new police contracts that cost millions & millions!
  11. San Jose has a monetary shortfall. What will you do to generate revenues so services to citizens won’t have to be cut?