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The MNA website has two Access Modes, Frameset and Basic.

When the MNA website is entered in Frameset mode, the first available link ("Access Modes") is a link to an unframed page offering a choice of Basic and Frameset modes.

All documents viewed in Basic Access mode, except PDF Newsletters and Photo Albums, are tested for accessibility with Watchfire® BobbyTM software at WebXACT. All of these pages at least meet Priority-1 accessibility standards defined by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act and the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Almost all of these pages are compliant at the Priority-3 level.

The Site Map and upper, left and main frames can be navigated without a mouse by using the Tab and Enter keys. Arrow keys can be used to navigate within a group of radio buttons and select list.

[Alas! Watchfire was bought by IBM in 2007 and as a result, as of Feb 1 2008, Watchfire Bobby software was no longer publicly available at no cost online. The Webmaster is working to develop a new "Standard Operating Proceedure" to replace this wonderful accessibility resource. Stay tuned.]

Bookmarking Pages

Basic Access Mode:

  Same process as for all unframed websites.

Frameset Mode:

  Except for the Home Page, it's best to bookmark the unframed (Basic Access) version of the page. There is a link to the unframed-page version at the bottom of every framed page.

The disparate chunks of information that tend to be displayed on neighborhood association websites can give you a case of the Where-Am-I's very fast! A Frameset layout has the advantage of keeping primary navigation links in constant view as an orientation aide. However, inconsistent browser bookmarking is a drawback.


Basic Access Mode:

  Select Print from your browser File menu. These pages are printer friendly as is --- footers and the unframed header won't print.

Frameset Mode:

  Assuming you do not want the left and upper navigation frames to print, activate the main frame by clicking somewhere inside it. Choose Print from the browser File menu. Foxfire, Internet Explorer, and Netscape will then let you choose to print the active frame. If you can't figure out how to find this choice, you can always click the link to the unframed (Basic Access) version of the document at page bottom and print that.

W3C Validation

Except for the initial frameset document, Newsletters in PDF format and Photo Albums, all documents on the MNA website are checked with the W3C Markup Validation Service and are valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

Note: In anticipation of a transition stage, as of July 3, 2008 Board minutes, General Meeting minutes, and Traffic updates will be posted in pdf format.

All stylesheets are checked with the W3C CSS Validation Service and are valid CSS2.