Response to Questions About Saratoga San Tomas Creek Trail

Mr. Yves Zsutty (, Program Manager of the Citywide Trail System, spoke about the Saratoga San Tomas Creek Trail project at the September 22, 2004 MNA General Membership Meeting. He has sent the following response to questions raised at the meeting.


response to the questions that I was unable to answer at the meeting.

For project maps - visit the trail web page at:
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[Update on this link from the webmaster: This Trail Project was finished in Fall 2005. Click on "Trails" in the left navigation panel to find other information on our section of the Trail.]
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The presentation that I had prepared will be posted at this site in about two weeks - sooner if technical difficulties with the site are resolved.

Responses to questions at the community meeting:

Will a pedestrian barrier be installed to the south of the sound wall? Residents were concerned that trail users might be exposed to vehicle collisions along the expressway. Was any discussion on the issue conducted with County-Department of Roads & Airport?

No barrier will be installed along the expressway. Bollards are being installed at the intersection near the expressway. The plans were reviewed by both the City's Department of Transportation and by the County's Department of Roads & Airport and reflect their input.

Will benches be installed as part of the project?

There are stone benches being installed in the trail rest area (which is between English Dr. & Murdock Park). They will be located along the gravel trail. No other benches are to be installed elsewhere as the width of pathway is narrow.

Will trail rules remind users to keep their dogs on a leash.

The trail rules indicate "Keep dogs on leash / Clean up after pets".

The rule is not specific about a short leash as we discussed. However the sign is custom and has already been ordered. I would make the edit, however the installation includes a site map and other costly elements to reproduce. If the leash issue becomes a concern with the opening of the trail, I am open to revising the sign - please provide me with feedback once the trail opens.

Birds were nesting along the creek - their nests appear to have been buried as part of construction. Did the CEQA/Environmental clearance address their presence? Were any steps taken to protect them?

Prior to the start of construction, several surveys were conducted by a qualified biologist as per the CEQA Mitigated Negative Declaration requirements for the project. Those surveys were: burrowing owl, western pond turtle, and protected raptors and migratory birds. No evidence of burrowing owls, western pond turtles or protected raptors and migratory birds were found. The biologist's report can be made available.

There is garbage along the trail - south of the existing bridge.

I've reported the concern to the construction inspector and requested its removal and site clean-up before trail opening.

There is construction dust and debris.

I've reported the concern to the construction inspector, requesting that all dust control measures be enforced.

There's a recurring debris problem along the back of a homeowner's fence.

I've reviewed property ownership maps and confirmed that the property in question belongs to the Cupertino Union School District. I've left a message with the Director of Maintenance and Transportation for the school, and will seek to identify a primary point of contact for future concerns. I'll relay that information directly to the resident who reported the concern.

A homeless man has set up camp near English Drive.

I have reported the concern to the San Jose Police Department and they have confirmed that they will conduct a site visit.