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Two new neighborhood services!

1.  Monthly Neighborhood-wide Garage Sale! We’re calling it “First Saturday!” Beginning Saturday, May 7, your MNA is promoting its first monthly neighborhood-wide garage sale, offering everyone in the Murdock community an opportunity to get a good start on Spring cleaning – and to pick up some great deals!

We’ll sponsor this “garage-sale day” the “First Saturday” of every month through October. That’s June 4, July 2, August 6, September 3, and October 1.

If you have items to sell – furniture, clothing, books, sports equipment, household items or anything else that’s in good condition – this would be a great opportunity for you to give them a second home. Just put the items out in your driveway so neighbors can wander by and see what you have for sale. No need to advertise. No big deal.

The MNA board will put signs out on Johnson and Bollinger to alert passers-by to the neighborhood-wide sale.

Nothing to sell? Participate by walking the neighborhood looking for a bargain – and say “hello” to your neighbors as well!

Remember, the City of San Jose allows its residents to hold two garage sales annually, so be sure to team-up with a neighbor if you want to participate on more than two Saturdays.

2.  Advertising on the MNA website! Can’t wait for our “First Saturday!” garage sale? Sell your items with a website advertisement! Beginning immediately, the MNA website ( is accepting your classified ads!

Advertising categories include:

Free, Wanted, Lost & Found, Furniture/Household Goods for Sale, Vehicles for Sale, Home for Sale/Rent, Vacation Home for Rent, Miscellaneous for Sale, or Miscellaneous Other.

Have a commercial, retail, or home-based business? Advertise it (hopefully offering a discount to your Murdock neighbors!) on the MNA website!

In addition, the MNA offers a free ad for high school or middle school teens looking for summer or part-time work, as well as free ads for Lost & Found items.

Here are the details:


1.  SERVICE TO MEMBERS: Providing all Murdock Neighborhood Association member families with an opportunity to advertise their available goods and services to their neighbors and friends.

2. REVENUE ENHANCEMENT: Funds raised from the sale of advertising will be used to fund MNA projects that benefit the neighborhood.


All ads must be in English and must be “copy only.” No artwork or graphics. Ads may have up to 20 words, plus the sellers’ phone number and/or email and street address. Only words of two letters or more are counted.

In the Commercial Ad section, MNA members who own a business or offer professional services such as house painting, plumbing, remodeling, landscape design/maintenance, tax preparation, child care or other licensed operations may wish to advertise their services to neighbors -- perhaps buying a discounted long-term ad so their services are always visible on the website.


Complete an Ad Submission Form. Deliver it with your payment (see Rates) to the home of Steve Chell, 1199 Wunderlich Drive, between the first and 10th of the month to have your ad run the remainder of the month. (Put your envelope under the atrium door.) Payment must be by check made payable to MNA; absolutely NO cash or credit card payments. If your ad is delivered after the 10th, be sure to note whether you want the ad placed immediately for the remainder of that month or held until the following month.

Members of the MNA Board will monitor/review ad copy for clarity and adherence to ad policy. One-time ads all will be removed on the last day of the month.

Start-Up Special: Ads received in April 2005 will have the bonus of running through May 31, 2005.

Ad placements expiring that month will be removed on the last calendar day of the month, no matter what day they were submitted. The ad rate will be the same no matter what day the ad was submitted between the first and the 10th of the month.

If an item sells quickly, the advertiser should contact MNA soon so that the ad may be removed and relieve the seller of additional telephone calls. Send removal notices to: .


Non-commercial member ads will be $5/month for up to 20 words, plus the sellers’ phone number and/or email/street address. Commercial ads from MNA members will be $10/month for up to 20 words.

A discount is offered for longer-term commercial ads: $25 for three months, $45 for six months, and $95 for 12 months. Full payment for these longer-term ads is due at the time of placement.

Commercial ads from businesses outside the MNA boundaries may be accepted on a “space available” basis. Rates for such ads: $15/month, $40/three months, $80/six months, $145/12 months.


The Murdock Neighborhood Association offers this advertising opportunity as a service to member families and those wishing to communicate with MNA member families. The association assumes no liability for the items or services offered or for the integrity of those offering the advertised items and services. Please shop carefully and diligently.

* * *

Please check the Ad Submission Form….