About Us

Our purpose

The purpose of the Murdock Neighborhood Association is to represent the residents of the Murdock neighborhood and to serve as a forum for communication within the community.

Our Goals

  1. To promote community involvement and participation in issues and activities affecting the neighborhood.

  2. To establish and maintain communications between the neighborhood, the City of San José, the Cupertino Union Elementary School District, Fremont Union High School District, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the County of Santa Clara, and other agencies or entities as needed.

  3. To work cooperatively for solutions to neighborhood challenges.

  4. To recruit volunteers and sponsors to aid in the enhancement of the neighborhood and the community at large.

  5. To provide a vehicle for the generation of revenues through fundraising activities for the purpose of supporting the enhancement of the quality of life in the area.

Our Location

The Murdock neighborhood is in a far western wing of San José, CA, between the cites of Cupertino and Saratoga. The MNA area is defined by major cross streets to the West and North and a lack of direct automobile access along its Southern and Eastern edges. It's boundaries are:


The MNA is a relatively new Neighborhood Association with Bylaws adopted on 22-Sep-04. The lack of automobile access along the neighborhood's eastern and southern borders lends a hint of quiet seclusion from the surrounding densely populated area. We are a culturally diverse neighborhood with a desire to "build community". Since we are located in a narrow wing of San José between two smaller cities, we sometimes "fall through the cracks" in regional planning and are in need of a common voice to speak out for us.

Saratoga Creek Trail

The Saratoga Creek Trail has been adopted by the Murdock Neighborhood Association. We are always looking for people to help clean the trail when they are out walking and to call in if graffiti is spotted. 408-277-2758. They would like to know the structure that has been vandalized; e.g. the stone benches, wall, or bridge, the color of the structure, the location and cross street and your name and number so they can contact if they have questions. For the creek trail, you can say it is along Lawrence at the English Drive end (south end) or Bollinger Rd end (north end) or by the south bridge or the north bridge. That helps them when they go out.


Membership is open to any household in the MNA area. Yearly dues are $10. Not a member? Check us out at one of our General Meetings. Join at a General Meeting or use the convenient Membership Form on this website.