Murdock Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Article 1 - Name

The name of this Association shall be Murdock Neighborhood Association.

Article 2 - Purpose

The purposes of this Association shall be to represent the residents of the Murdock neighborhood and to serve as a forum for communication within the community.

Article 3 - Goals
  1. To promote community involvement and participation in issues and activities affecting the neighborhood.

  2. To establish and maintain communications between the neighborhood, the City of San Josť, the Cupertino Union Elementary School District, Fremont Union High School District, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the County of Santa Clara, and other agencies or entities as needed.

  3. To work cooperatively for solutions to neighborhood challenges.

  4. To recruit volunteers and sponsors to aid in the enhancement of the neighborhood and the community at large.

  5. To provide a vehicle for the generation of revenues through fundraising activities for the purpose of supporting the enhancement of the quality of life in the area.

Article 4 - Membership and Meetings

  1. Eligibility: Any resident household or non-resident owner in the Murdock neighborhood who subscribes to the goals and aims of the Association shall be eligible for membership. Any resident or family member over 18 years of age is eligible to vote on behalf of the household. The boundaries of the Murdock neighborhood are: Lawrence Expressway (E), Bollinger Road (N), Johnson Avenue to Lynbrook High School (W), and Oak Knoll Drive (S).

  2. Only members whose household membership payment is current and was paid one quarter in advance of the vote will be accorded voting privileges. This requirement will not pertain to the initial votes establishing the association, the first vote on dues, or the first election of directors. These votes may occur before the first annual meeting in October 2004.

  3. Voting: Each resident household or non-resident owner shall have the right to cast one vote.

  4. Dues: Dues will be proposed by the Board of Directors and will be adopted by a majority vote of the members attending the annual meeting. Dues will be payable by January 1 of each year. Dues for the first year will payable on the date of the first September meeting of the Association and will be effective until October 2005.

  5. Association Meetings: The Association shall meet at least once a quarter in January, April, July, and October. October shall be designated the Annual Meeting. Notice of meetings shall be given at least seven (7) days in advance.

  6. Special Meetings: Special Meetings may be called by the Board of Directors or the President. Seven (7) days' notice shall be given for such meetings.

  7. Voting Method: Voting may be done through a show of hands or by voice for regular agenda items. However when voting for officers or other action items, members may use a secret ballot. Voting may also be conducted by mail in any manner that the Board of Officers shall determine. Voting for the Board of Directors shall be in the manner proscribed in Article 5 Section 3.

  8. Quorum: Attendance must be taken at each Association meeting in order to establish a quorum. Quorum is achieved when the number of non-Board members present exceeds the number of Board members present.

  9. Minutes: Minutes must be kept for each meeting of the Association. Copies of the previous minutes are to be available on the Murdock Neighborhood Association website, with a limited number of copies at the following meeting.

  10. Meetings shall be conducted according to Robertís Rules of Order.(1-23-08)

Article 5 - Board of Directors

  1. Composition: The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) members of the Association. Directors of this Association shall be: President, First Vice President, Second Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian/Sergeant-at-arms.

    1. The President shall coordinate all Association activities, preside at meetings of the Association and the Board, and shall have the general powers of supervision and management of the Association and such duties as may be designated by the Board. Only current and past Board members are eligible to be President, with the exception of the first to hold the office. (4/23/08)With the exception of the Nominating Committee, the President shall be an ex-officio member of all other committees and shall be notified of all meetings.

    2. The First Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in that officer's absence. Other duties shall be performed as required by the President or the Board.

    3. The Second Vice-President shall perform duties as required by the President or the Board.

    4. The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes of the Association meetings and Board meetings and shall be responsible for notification of all official meetings of the Board and the Association.

    5. The Correspondence Secretary shall manage the Association's correspondence at the direction of the President and shall maintain the Association archive files.

    6. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the Association funds and shall supervise the handling of funds for any enterprises of the Association. The Treasurer shall assure the keeping of proper financial records, report regularly to the members and the Board, and pay budgeted requests as directed by the Board. All checks shall be signed by the Treasurer and one of the following: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President.

    7. The Parliamentarian/Sergeant-at-arms shall advise and provide rulings for the conduct of meetings, shall determine the presence of a quorum, and shall conduct any voting by ballot.

  2. Term of Office: The term of office shall be for one (1) year, beginning at the first Board meeting following the Annual Meeting. No director may hold the same position for more than two (2) consecutive terms.

  3. Election of the Board of Directors:

    1. The election of Directors will be held at the Annual Meeting.

    2. The Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee in July with a minimum of three (3) members, to be chaired by a current member of the Board. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate with at least one candidate for each office. Candidates must be Association members in good standing. The slate is to be presented to the membership no later than October 1.

    3. Nominations from the floor will be solicited before the vote.

    4. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes cast for that position will be elected.

    5. The first Board of Directors shall serve until the Annual Meeting in October 2005.

  4. Vacancies:

    1. Vacancies in all offices except the Presidency shall be filled for the remaining period until the next annual election. The Board may fill the position by a majority vote of the remaining Board members as soon as the vacancy occurs.

    2. The First Vice-President shall fill a vacancy in the office of the President. The Board shall then appoint a First Vice-President.

    3. An officer who has two (2) consecutive absences from Board meetings without reason shall be deemed to have resigned from the position.

  5. Powers and Duties: The Board of Directors shall:

    1. Be responsible for conduct and management of the Association.

    2. Serve as an Executive Committee.

    3. Supervise preparation and maintenance of the procedures and guidelines for the Association and its activities.

    4. Appoint standing and ad hoc committees as needed.

    5. Prepare a budget for adoption at the annual meeting for the fiscal year starting November 1.

    6. Approve all expenditures.

    7. Manage other items as appropriate to meet the goals of the Association.

  6. Meetings:

    1. The Board shall meet at least nine times per year at times designated by the Board. The President may call special meetings at any time and shall call a special meeting upon telephone request of three (3) members. In either case, three (3) days' notice shall be given.

    2. Board or Special meetings may be closed to consider litigation and matters involving a Board member. The purpose of any closed session shall be announced. A report of action taken in closed session shall be included in the minutes and reported at the next open meeting. Strategic planning may be discussed in closed session; action shall be taken in open session.

  7. Quorum: The quorum for Board meetings shall be a simple majority of Board members.

  8. Minutes: Minutes must be kept for each meeting of the Board. The votes of individual Board members at Board meetings shall be recorded. Board minutes shall be available on the Murdock Neighborhood Association website, with a limited number of copies at the following Association meeting.

  9. Conflict of Interest: Each member of the Board of Directors is to avoid conflict of interest or the appearance thereof between their political, personal, professional, and financial interests and the stated purpose of the Association.

Article 6 - Amendments

  1. These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members attending either a regular or special meeting of the Association.

  2. Proposed changes to the Bylaws must be delivered in writing to all member households and member non-resident owners at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting at which they will be considered. A qualified member household or member non-resident owner is one whose dues are current and were paid at least one quarter in advance of the vote.

Article 7 - Dissolution of Assets

The property of this association is irrevocably dedicated to community education, preservation, maintenance, and enhancement. No part of the Association income shall ever inure to the benefit of any individual officer or member. Upon dissolution of the Association, any assets remaining after payment of debts and liabilities shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, a foundation, community group, or a corporation organized exclusively for the same purposes and goals as those established by these bylaws. Assets may also be gifted to the City of San Josť for Murdock neighborhood improvement should the organization be dissolved.

Adopted September 22, 2004