Neighborhood History

When we moved here in 1960 there were no freeways, schools, parks, or shopping centers;
the closest shopping was at Lawrence Station Road, (now Lawrence Expressway) and Stevens Creek. The largest shopping center was Valley Fair. All the land surrounding our housing tract was orchards, prune trees and some cherry.

The first tract of houses built in our neighborhood was what we referred to as “county" houses as built before 1956. That is the tract that backs up to Lynbrook, on Walbrook. Those houses years later they were annexed to Saratoga. They have Saratoga address. When they were built those high school students went to a high school in Campbell.

The second tract, which I live in consisted of Johnson Ave/ Bollinger to Harder Street, including Kimberly and Prouty Way. Built 1956 this tract had 3 different builders, as each one had money problems, thus the 3 different styles of homes. The flat tops in this tract were not built by the same builder as in the Rancho Riconada Cupertino tract, which is on the other side of Bollinger. The Cupertino Rancho Rinconada tract was fully developed when we moved into our home. Development of the Huntingdon Tract followed ours then Live Oak, Regency and others. The flat tops in Oaktree tract are still a different builder than Rancho or my tract.

When we moved here in 1960, high school students in our tract went to Cupertino High (the original one), the school bus picked up the students at the corner of Johnson and Prouty Way. Junior High students went to Miller. Hyde was open but just for Cupertino students on other side of Bollinger.

My daughter started kindergarten at Dilworth on the first day of the brand new school in 1962. My son started in 1966 at Dilworth for a half year and then they both went to Murdock when it was built, as Johnson was the divider street for the 2 schools. They became students at Miller Jr. High, then Lynbrook. At Lynbrook both my children were involved in many activities, my daughter was a Letter Girl, involved in athletics, other activities and Honor Student, Also honor student, my son was class president for 3 years, and served on the Fremont Union High School District Board as their Student Representative from Lynbrook, in his senior year. Both are very successful in life now and hold positions in the medical field as a Medical Technologist and ENT head and neck surgeon.

Our FIRST neighborhood association was formed by my past neighbor Bud Harmon. He also
organized and started the TOURNAMENT OF BANDS that is held each year at Cupertino High School. Our Neighborhood Association was a part of the Cupertino Rancho housing tract across Bollinger. Being a part of this we received usage of the swimming pool. We broke off from Rancho in the early 60's and became our own association. Eventually the association ended as residents stopped participating and people moved away.

As a Neighborhood Association we helped in the decision making for development of some of this area, such as the following:
A Grocery store at the corner of Kimberly and Johnson on vacant lots at that time. Our
association decided against as it was in center of residential area and would add more traffic.
That idea developed into a 7-11 at Moorpark and Williams
Then a McDonalds restaurant at the corner of Bollinger and Miller. We voted no because of
Hyde Jr High across the street (more traffic and safety concerns.)
This idea later became the Burger King on the Corner of Moorpark and Williams.
A Little League baseball field at the Murdock Park was considered.
Decisions were that Little League could use the Jr High fields instead.
Tennis courts are there now instead.
Apartment Housing Development was proposed behind Murdock School and Park, against the Expressway.
This was turned down because of the congestion and many other issues.
Development of the Condos on Tompkins
We met with the developers and worked out issues with the facing of the condos.
Redevelopment of the Orchard Farm Center
We met and discussed issues as a result, acquired many trees for the parking lots and set times for the truck deliveries to Safeway.

--Dorothy Rheuark,
Resident since February 1960
Copyright 2/14/12