Murdock Neighborhood Street Map

Murdock Neighborhood Street Map

Link to the Google Satellite Map for the MNA Area

Go ahead and have some this link to the Google Map and then zoom in on your house!

San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail

We celebrated completion of the San Tomas Aquino / Saratoga Creek Trail in our area with a Trail Dedication in Dec 2005. The paved section of the trail in our area runs along Saratoga Creek from Bollinger Road to the Castle Glen-Oak Knoll intersection. An aggregate surface trail continues south along the creek to English Drive. The entire Trail, when completed, will stretch from Prospect Road to the San Francisco Bay Trail near Sunnyvale Baylands Park! A discussion of the Trail route and Master Plan maps can be found in San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail Facts.

Link to Crime Map

Crime Reports.......Crime Reports for 95129
Use this map to identify locations of local crimes.

USGS Earthquake Risk Maps

The degree of earthquake shaking corresponds with:

In the Bay Area, some of the young geologic deposits strongly affect the strength of earthquake shaking that is transmitted through the deposits. These young deposits may host liquefaction, the phenomenon of saturated soils losing their stiffness and strength during shaking. In 2006, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) released a new Liquefaction Susceptibility map based on studies of the underlying geology of the Bay Area.

The Liquefaction Susceptibility map includes streets but not street names. You can use the pattern of streets in our area and the location of Highway 280, Saratoga Ave, and Saratoga Creek to pick out the MNA area. (This is most easily done by comparing the VTA Bikeways Map to the Liquefaction Susceptibility map.)

Most of the MNA area, except for the western edge of the Lynbrook High Schoool campus and perhaps the southern ends of Lynbrook Way and Huntington Drive, appear to be in the Moderate liquefaction risk zone. The western edge of the Lynbrook campus and southern ends of Lynbrook Way and Huntington Drive appear to be in the Low liquefaction risk zone.

The Liquefaction Susceptibility map referred to above does not include nearness to fault lines in its risk evaluation. A slightly older map, with older data, shows expected levels of shaking from future earthquakes based on the location of active faults and the type of materials underlying an area.

Link to EPA EnviroMapper Maps for the MNA area

"EnviroMapper" is a Web-based mapping interface to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) geospatial data. This link to EnviroMapper includes co-ordinates for our area. There is a wealth of environmental data available here. For example, select a full display of "Water Features" and you'll discover that our own Saratoga Creek is on the list of streams that do not meet water quality standards but nearby Calabazas Creek does meet the a full display of "Regulated Sites" and you'll discover there is no Superfund site anywhere near us!