PG&E savings for income qualified customers

At the April 27, 2005 General Meeting MNA, member Paul Boehm reported a significant PG&E savings for income qualified customers. Paul supplied a copy of the following notice from PG&E:

Dear PG&E Customer,

The Energy Partners Program funded by PG&E entitles you to many new FREE Energy Saving Options for your home. If you are income qualified at 24 K per year (sometimes the income may be higher depending on other qualifying criteria), and your refrigerator is 10 years or older, your may receive a brand new FREE Major Name Brand Refrigerator. You may also receive FREE Attic Insulation, FREE Door Weather Stripping and FREE Energy Saving Light Bulbs. The Energy Partners Program also offers FREE Installation for all of their options.

To arrange for a schedule date for a free home assessment at your earliest convenience,

Please Call Susan Cullen at 408-246-0234

We look forward to hearing from you.

Note: The income limit increases by $5,600 for each additional person in the home. Seniors can qualify with higher incomes.