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Parking, Traffic, and Cable Issues


Ways to access the City of San José


Megan's Law

California’s Megan’s Law requires the California Department of Justice to maintain a web application containing information on serious and high-risk sex offenders. The address of this website is This database can be searched in a variety of ways. If you use zip codes, remember other zip codes are geographically very close to our own 95129. The zip code for the area on the north side of Bollinger Rd is 95014. The zip code for Saratoga, including the Saratoga area between Prospect Road and the MNA area, is 95070.


San José Police

The MNA area is under the jurisdiction of the San José Police Department.
Important San Jose Police Phone Numbers
San José Police
Police unit or reason for phone call Phone number
   •  Emergency Calls 9-1-1
   •  Cellular Phone Emergency Calls 408-277-8911
   •  Non-Emergency Calls 3-1-1
   •  Cellular Phone Non-Emergency Calls 408-277-8900
   •  Family Violence Center 408-277-3700
   •  Traffic Enforcement Unit 408-277-4341
   •  Crime Prevention (Neighborhood Watch) 408-277-4133
   •  Crime Stoppers (Anonymous) 408-947-7867
   •  Graffiti Hot Line 408-277-2758
   •  Code Enforcement 408-277-4528
   •  San Jose Water District (trash in the creek) 408-690-0975 (Ray)
   •  Drug Hotline (Anonymous) 408-971-3784
   •  Gang Investigation Unit 408-277-3835
   •  Truancy Abatement & Burglary Suppression,
       West Center

*Calling 9-1-1 on a cell phone in the south bay area may now connect you with the local 9-1-1 emergency dispatch center depending on the location of the tower picking up your cell phone signals. Until recently, all cell phone calls to 9-1-1 were forwarded to the California Highway Patrol dispatch center, which receives massive numbers of calls statewide. As a result, cell phone 9-1-1 callers frequently were put on hold for long periods. The new arrangement doesn't cover the entire area. In some places a cellphone call to 9-1-1 will still be forwarded to the California Highway Patrol dispatch center. Calling 408-277-8911 on a cell or landline phone connects directly to the San Jose emergency dispatch center.

When calling from a cell phone on or near a freeway or major highway, the call is routed to Highway Patrol in Vallejo. To get more immediate service, save the numbers for the cities you drive through in your phone and call them instead of calling 9-1-1.

Emergency Phone numbers from your cell phone
Emergency Phone Numbers From Your Cell Phone
Police unit or reason for phone call Phone number
   •  San Jose 277-8911
   •  Campbell 378-8161
   •  Sunnyvale 736-6244
   •  Santa Clara 296-2236
   •  Mountain View 650-903-6922
   •  Saratoga 299-2311
   •  Cupertino 299-2311

Office of the Santa Clara County Sheriff

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office polices nearby Cupertino and Saratoga.
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Phone Numbers and Links
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office
Police unit or reason for phone call Phone number
   •  Emergency Calls 9-1-1
   •  Cellular Phone Emergency Calls 408-299-3233
   •  Information 408-808-4400

Fire Department

Fire Department Phone Numbers and Links List
San José Fire Department
Fire Department unit or reason for phone call Phone number
   •  Fire Department website:  
   •  Emergency 9-1-1
or 408-277-8911
   •  Non-Emergency Calls, weekdays 408-277-4444
   •  Non-Emergency Calls, nights and weekends 3-1-1
   •  Hazardous Materials Inspections 408-277-4659