2005-2006 President's Letter

Have you realized all the benefits of membership in your Murdock Neighborhood Association (MNA)?

MNA membership allows your voice to be heard by providing a forum for suggestions/improvements for your neighborhood. It allows you to stay informed on neighborhood issues via the MNA website, flyers, email, and meetings. It is a way to make a great neighborhood even better and to protect the value of your home!

Membership in the Murdock Neighborhood Association is a great way to build community and get to know the people who live around you. Your membership gives you the right to vote for your MNA board of directors and any MNA by-law changes.

The MNA gives you representation at San Jose City Hall on issues pertaining to your Murdock neighborhood (Murdock Park, Saratoga Creek Trail, neighborhood traffic, etc.) The MNA also gives you representation with the local School Districts on issues such as traffic at Murdock-Portal Elementary School.

Your annual membership fee of only $10 per household allows the MNA board to put on special events such as the Mayoral Candidates’ Forum held January 25 and the District 1 City Council Candidate Forum held April 5.

The MNA also puts on the Annual Neighborhood Picnic held in June or July at Murdock Park. This is a great chance to meet your neighbors and sample food from various cultures.

Quarterly MNA General meetings are held with special guest speakers. April 26 is “Be Prepared Night” in the Lynbrook cafeteria with a speaker from San Jose’s Emergency Preparedness program. This is about what we as individuals and as a community can do to prepare for natural disasters and emergencies. Home security systems and neighborhood watch programs also will be discussed.

Your paid membership allows the non-profit MNA to put on these events and shows your support. It also supports the MNA website at www.murdockna.org, which is a great source of information about what’s going on inside and outside of our neighborhood. Check out the website for the latest information and events.

There are several ways to join your Murdock Neighborhood Association:

- Sign-up online on the website at www.murdockna.org. See Membership/Membership Form.

- Sign-up at the next MNA General Meeting on April 26 from 7-9 p.m. in the Lynbrook Cafeteria.

- Mail your contact info (name, address, phone, email) & check to Murdock Neighborhood Association, 5492 Castle Glen Ave., San Jose, CA 95129.

If you haven’t had the chance to join or to renew your MNA membership for 2006, I encourage you to do so today!

Hope to see you at our next MNA meeting – this Wednesday!


Bob Fanjoy
President, Murdock Neighborhood Association