Reports and Responses

The pages listed below are reports about issues of interest to the MNA area and responses by MNA members or guest speakers which offer additional information about specific issues raised in past General Meetings.
Page Title Last Modified Description
2005-06 President's Letter 30-Jun-06 Letter to the MNA Membership from President Bob Fanjoy
Traffic Study March 2006 30-Mar-06 Results of the San José study of traffic around Murdock-Portal School.
San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail Facts 04-Mar-06 Information about the Trail in question and answer format.
Tulip Tree Sap Drip Control flyer 25-Jan-06 Tulip Tree treatment for scale insects with a systemic insecticide.
2004-05 President's Farewell 27-Jan-06 President Steve Chell's Farewell Letter and list of MNA first year accomplishments.
Street Sweep Day 05-Dec-05 Tips for a clean sweep and environmental benefits of street sweeping.
2005 West Nile Virus Warning 26-Apr-06 West Nile Virus was present in Santa Clara County during 2005. The best response is to target mosquitoes, the virus carriers between infected birds and human beings.
Every Little Tree Does its Part for Earth 28-Jun-05 The value of trees and San José's schedule of fines for illegal pruning and removal of trees
PG&E savings 23-Jun-05 The Energy Partners Program funded by PG&E entitles you to many new FREE Energy Saving Options for your home if you are income qualified.
Neighborhood-wide garage sale; MNA advertising 05-Apr-05 MNA sponsors a neighborhood “garage-sale day” the “First Saturday” of every month May through October. Advertising is available on the MNA website.
Street Tree Planting 2005 01-May-05 MNA organized a Spring Street Tree Planting with the help of Our City Forest.
Comcast Response 01-Mar-05 Eddie Garcia responded to MNA member concerns about Comcast service.
Tulip Tree Treatment 10-Feb-05 Inexpensive Tulip Tree treatment for scale insects.
Spring Tree Planting 02-Feb-05 Obtain Free Trees through Our City Forest.
Response to Questions About Saratoga San Tomas Creek Trail 27-Sep-04 Mr. Yves Zsutty, Program Manager of the Citywide Trail System, spoke about construction of the Saratoga San Tomas Creek Trail at the September 22, 2004 General Meeting. This page contains additional responses to questions voiced at the meeting.
2004-05 President's Letter 26-Aug-04 Letter to the MNA Membership from Steve Chell, first MNA President