(courtesy of Murdock Neighborhood Association)

We in the Murdock Neighborhood have been using a solution to the Tulip Tree sap drip problem; most people are very pleased with the results at a minimum cost.

In early spring and before the buds swell, treat the soil under the trees with Bayer Tree Advanced Garden and Shrub Insect Control, a systemic insecticide.  The insecticide is mixed with water and poured over the soil under the trees.  The roots absorb the chemical, transporting it to the twigs and leaves.  When an insect bites into a leaf, it is killed.  The effects last about a year, so treat the trees every spring for complete control during the growing season. This should be done in January or February at the latest.

The directions call for 1 oz. per inch of circumference, measured at chest height. For example, a tree 60 inches in circumference required two bottles, one bottle at a time, mixed with water. Those who have used the product are thrilled with the results.

Bayer, Tree & Shrub Insect Control. can be found at Home Depot for $18.74 per 32 oz. bottle. Other stores may carry it also. When you consider the cost of having a tree professional treat your trees, this is a minor expense.