Traffic Meeting Minutes 15-Dec-05

A traffic meeting was held at Murdock-Portal Elementary School on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2005. Chaired by Leslie Mains, the other attendees were as follows:

The traffic concerns near the school were reiterated: safety for the students & congestion for the neighborhood residents. Parents would like a mid-block crosswalk, but the traffic experts have advised against this. Leslie Mains has now assigned staff to drop-off areas, and they sometimes float to corner of Ora & Wunderlich if they can see a back up there. Per Toby Smith, other schools have similar problems with car traffic, but Faria Elementary has worked out a volunteer system that is really effective. Leslie expressed frustration that she hasn’t been able to get parent involvement. Assigning crossing guards by the City has to meet a safety index (120 or higher) – i.e. even the traffic near Miller Junior High, which involves both Miller and Lynbrook traffic, only qualified on one corner. There is currently a waiting list for school crossing guards from the San Jose Police Department.

Ideas generated were:

Russ Taft will arrange the traffic study to see if the school qualifies for crossing guards. Regarding traffic enforcement, he said there are only 44 traffic officers in the city police department, so that means about 20 on duty at any time for the entire city of San Jose. Expecting regular moving violation enforcement from the police department is not realistic. He also addressed a question about the red curbs in the neighborhood by explaining that, once a study is made, the city will follow up with whatever they think needs to be done, whether it meets with school/resident approval or not. Mention was made that Murdock NA did not want red curbs painted all over the neighborhood so asked that it be kept to a minimum.

Judy Boehm
Traffic Chair