Spring Tree Planting


“A million people, a million trees,” mantra for the City of San Jose

Trees save energy; they cool hot cities; they are good for our health, they make our cities beautiful, they increase our property values, they help reduce effects of carbon dioxide emissions, they conserve water and reduce soil erosion, they help wildlife and plants, they have social and educational value. The City of San Jose has stated that each home shall have a street tree.

For residents in the Murdock Neighborhood Association, representatives from Our City Forest will be offering a tree planting this spring to replace parking strip trees that have died or otherwise been removed. We will not be removing any trees. The date will be determined when we know how many homes will be participating.

If enough people sign up, we can obtain free trees. People will need to fill out an application and agree to sponsor the tree that they receive, which means watering, pruning, staking and other general maintenance. They also will be asked to participate with the planting.

Applications were available at the General Meeting on January. If you would like to be a part of the group, please contact:

Our City Forest MNA Representative, Doris Livezey: 255-0605