Tulip Tree Treatment

We received some additional information about tulip tree treatment alternatives after our neighborhood flyer went out. We discussed some of these alternatives at our MNA general meeting Jan. 26.

It turns out that the best solution, in my opinion, came from one of our neighbors on Oak Knoll. She has used a product for the last 2 years that has virtually eliminated any sap dripping. This was also more cost effective than the Pied Piper discount treatment of ~$90.

The name of the product is:
Bayer Advanced Garden, Tree & Shrub Insect Control. I found this at Home Depot for $18.74 per 32 oz. bottle. (DeAnza Home Depot was out, but Sunnyvale & Campbell HD stores had plenty in stock.) All you have to do is mix it with water & pour it around the base of your tree. This should be done in January or February at the latest.

I used 2 bottles since the directions call for 1 oz. per inch of circumference, measured at chest height. For example, my tree is 60 inches circumference, so I used 60 oz. I did one bottle at a time, mixed with water.

Hope this helps,

Bob Fanjoy MNA Vice President